Who we are

Jonathan Gittos

Managing DIrector

I became an entrepreneur after a decade on the trading floors of Wall Street banks: JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. I founded my first startup, Marketpipe at the height of the dotcom boom and we were one of the lucky few to prosper through the subsequent crash. We built and operated bond distribution software for investment banks; an early Fintech SaaS business. We were fortunate to win customers quickly and build a great team of some outstanding individuals and were pleased to be included in the Techtrak 100 as one of the fastest-growing UK companies. We sold the company to a VC-backed three-way merger led by our main competitor in the US. It continues to thrive as part of that business. Partly by learning from mistakes and increasingly, I hope from success, I've become an almost religious believer in the importance of meticulous design, relentless selling, total marketing and exceptional customer service. The most important part of achieving that is hiring the right people, which in turn, means creating a warm, humane, tech culture that attracts the bright and charming. I've now started, advised and invested in many new tech and growth businesses. I'm not actively investing in the early part of 2018 since I'll be looking at both a fund and startup myself in Q1 but do feel free to contact me for advice, input and consulting on new ventures.

Zee West

Executive Director

From Founder of London Based Innovation Hubs to Fintech Influencer via her #WeAreFintech Events and Fintech for Good Accelerator in the UK & US, Zee is an Entrepreneur, Influencer, Business Mentor and Marketeer, with experience that spans a diverse range of projects and positions. Starting out at Thring Townsend Solicitors before moving into film and music, she led a tech-savvy film and video production company and a range of different start-ups before becoming a consultant. Operating across multiple sectors including Fintech, Healthtech, Telecoms and IoT Security, she held a position inside a San Fransisco based Investment Bank and is at present, also a Director for the investment platform Fundsurfer. Zee is also Senior Partner at the Shoreditch Partnership, Mentor for Tech Italia & Finance innovation Labs. Volunteering at Silicon-Drink-About. Strategist for IntelligentCrowd.tv and at WeAreUnity Challenger bank strategy for Amaiz. Running events in partnership with Brazil agency, SEI, eToro...

Our Services


The Growth Challenge: Your business has enormous potential but sales and profit are not yet where they should be - new products and initiatives are taking longer to launch than you like or, perhaps you just need some expert perspective and advice, even coaching , on how to approach new challenges. How We Help: We have the business expertise and people to assess those challenges, agree what changes will help but more importantly actually make them happen, where needed, using our people to staff and kick-start new initiatives. We are founded by experienced entrepreneurs, staffed by able professionals and we have helped advise businesses ranging from AI to food products.


The Challenge of Raising Investment: Your business is ready to grow fast if investors backed it, but finding and persuading them to do so is hard. It takes time, effort and experience and it is a big distraction from the vital job of developing your product and selling it. How We Help: We have the people and knowledge to speed up the process, lighten your load and even introduce you to quality investors that you might not have known. We are founded by experienced entrepreneurs, staffed by able professionals and we have helped fund businesses ranging from AI to food products.