We’re a boutique tech adviser and provider, based in London

We help high-quality tech and growth businesses to scale fast, raise money and achieve the exit they want. We’re different - we’ve done it ourselves as real entrepreneurs. That means we know how to help quickly when needed, as well as work alongside you long-term as a valued adviser.

From first meeting to successful exit, we earn the trust that clients put in us. We do what’s right for you, the client.


We believe in persuasive, plain English, painstaking preparation and honesty. We think founders should almost always be backed and mentored, rather than made to walk the plank. We like helping bright people to grow their abilities and their business. We genuinely enjoy technology and the company of developers and creative people. Business success is measured financially, but we believe that is best achieved by great hires, good design, outstanding customer service and disciplined hard work.

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We have the business expertise to assess the challenges faced by you when starting, developing or growing your business. We agree what changes will help, but more importantly actually make them happen, where needed using our people to kick-start the new initiatives. We have the knowledge and the people to speed up the process of raising investment by developing your investment strategy, implementing changes required by potential investors and preparing you to pitch for your funding. We can even introducing you to quality investors that you may not have known or struggled to contact.

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